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W Salon Spa & Wine Bar

How We Give Back

CityLink Center

CityLink Center is where individuals go to one place, get surrounded by one team, create a plan to break free from poverty and get to a place of self-sustainability and hope. We appreciate that life is complex and by working holistically, we can see individuals reach their full potential. We are working together to transform lives and our community.

W Salon Spa & Wine Bar Are proud Supporters Of

National TTT Society Camping for Girls

March of Dimes

Emily Rice is an amazing Nail Technician that we have the pleasure to work with & here’s her daughter Lucinda’s journey:


‘When you go into labor at 25 weeks pregnant like I did, you don’t get to set up the nursery or have a baby shower. I didn’t even know a baby could survive being born at only 25 weeks but Lucinda was ready to fight for her life! She was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for five months. This was the most traumatic time of our life. We had to leave our medically fragile newborn every night for 148 days. It was heartbreaking. But we were the lucky ones. We got to bring our daughter home, not all families are so lucky. Lucinda is now 6 and has lasting effects of her premature birth. She recently has been diagnosed with ADHD and Cerebral Palsy. She also has Chronic Lung Disease, Retinopathy of Prematurity and a G-tube due to feeding issues. These are all very common for children born before 37 weeks. With countless Physical, Occupational and Feeding therapy appointments, Lucinda continues to amaze us everyday.


The March of Dimes gave us the ability to watch her grow and thrive. They helped develop a surfactant replacement treatment to help premature lungs which saved Lucinda’s life. The March of Dimes continue to research the causes of premature birth so they can stop it from happening to another family.’


We walk with Lucinda every year. If you would like to help us donate to Lucinda’s fundraising page, click the button below. Thank you!

March of Dimes